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Friday, April 3, 2015

Where's the Malice in Skullcross

I bring up the concept of "malice" in the Star-fighter
trilogy. People can become angry or annoyed or frustrated and end up harming someone. "Malice," however, is something else. In legalese it might be referred to as the "intent" to harm someone. People with malice in their hearts have gone beyond knee-jerk reaction to making a plan. Harboring malice toward others is a step closer to "evil." Malice implies an enjoyment of seeing others suffer. The bullies who follow Jared in the Skullcross gang are already starting down that treacherous road. The tree that holds the space ship recognizes that they are filled with malice and rejects them much like the human body rejects foreign biological invaders. The fact that the Skullcross gang members are just kids gives us a hope that they might grow up and throw off the desire to seek power by imposing pain upon others. I don't know if kids pick up that point or not. I try to avoid preaching to them because I believe that the process of discovering a truth through the story itself has a greater impact upon young minds than just being told what is good or bad. Stating the obvious tends to fly over heads rather than into them. That is no doubt one reason why Jesus so often wrapped his teaching in a story(parable). My intent is always to provide a fun adventure with little nuggets of thought hidden tantalizingly within.