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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Memories

I woke up on Christmas morning, looked out the window and saw a lot of snow in the front yard. There was so much snow that one of the trees in my backyard was bent over in half! The snow was so deep a bunny running on the icy wall slipped and fell in the snow and couldn’t get up. I ran out the door in just my pajamas and picked up the bunny and brought him inside. When I got back in the house my pajama bottoms were soaking wet from all the snow. I gave the bunny a carrot and wrapped him in a warm blanket. When my dad came downstairs he asked “why is there a bunny on the couch?” I told him the whole story, but he said bunnies have fur and made me put him back outside.
My mom came downstairs with my sister Erin and brother Michael and we all opened Christmas presents. My favorite present was a radio-controlled snow mobile. I also got a snow shovel to help my dad clean the sidewalk and driveway.
After opening presents, my dad and I got dressed so we could shovel the front driveway. As we were shoveling, I was having so much fun I flung some snow over my head and “accidently” hit my dad. That gave me the idea to have a snowball fight with my friends.
I asked my mom if I could call Ghoulie and Scilla and see if they could come over and play. My brother Michael joined us and we made a tunnel under the fence that separated the front yard from the back yard and took all the snow that we dug out of the tunnel to make snow forts. Ghoulie and I were a team while Scilla and Michael were the other team. For the next hour we had a snowball fight, hiding in our snow fort and behind cars in the neighborhood. When we were cold and soaking wet, we came in the house, took off all our wet clothes and my mom gave us hot chocolate and we sat in front of the fireplace to warm up. As we sipped our chocolate, Ghoulie, Scilla and I talked about our next adventure…

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