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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fun Just Beyond Reality

A street just north of reality, a tree house shaped like a spaceship, and people and places beyond imagination take three kids into many worlds of adventure. These stories have an important theme for kids, but the key to why they work is that they are a fast and fun read. Kids tend to gobble them up like candy (but without the calories). A customer review reads, "As a Third grade teacher I previewed all three of The Star-fighters of Murphy Street books. I enjoyed them so much I gave the first book to each child in my class as a reward for filling the reading chart. . . . They started reading them immediately and were so involved they did not want to stop [for recess]." An 11-year-old boy posted this reaction on the Internet: "The characters were so believable that I wanted to call up Scilla and talk to her. Another strength of this book was that its descriptions were so vivid that I could see the action happening next to me." The Star-Fighters of Murphy Street creates a world for limitless escapades into the unknown, where kids can learn that, however different they are from one another, they are each a special creation with a destiny all their own. Here is a new and fun way for kids to learn that every kid, regardless of popularity or most of the other things that kids think important, is a special creation--one-of-a-kind--with his/her own set of gifts.

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